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    Learning to read changes lives

    I offer a step-by-step process so your little one can learn how to read.
    Start as early as 18 months old.
    Children's books

    Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, these books aim to help children learn how to read on their own. Each book is designed for children reading at different levels, developing the skills needed for independent reading.

    Parenting handbook

    Using the FRESH method, you'll learn how to:

    Foster your child’s love for learning by effectively managing difficult behaviors.

    Reconstruct the environment to create the optimal learning space.

    Educate your child using Montessori principles.

    Support your child’s physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development.

    Hone your child’s skills using a prepared teaching schedule.

    ”This book is informative and engaging. It provides a clear outline of implementing the Montessori method at home which is easy for parents to carry out. When beginning the foundation at home, the child is given a head start in preparation for school. Joanna lends her professional experience as a Montessori teacher in a clear and thorough manner. This is a must-have for all parents invested in their child’s education!”

    Melissa Petridis
    Director, East York Montessori School

    “I love the thoughtful instructions on how to use Montessori materials! Fresh Montessori will be very helpful to anyone who wishes to teach their child at home!”

    Sybil Taylor
    Executive Director, Newborough Teacher Training Institute
    Education Webflow Template - Cambridge - Created by and

    “This was such an easy read, and very to the point! It makes dealing with challenging behaviors a little less difficult.”

    Sharon Labadie
    Early Childhood Resource Consultant

    "Not only could I easily lean into this book during those small free moments as an entrepreneur and full-time parent, but it also served as my practical handbook of engaging activities that were achievable for at-home learning and for all the age groups in my household."

    Bo Karantjas
    Founder, Huggabeau
    How to support your child's reading journey

    Supporting your child's reading journey doesn't have to be difficult!
    I've broken down the steps so you'll be able to support your child according to their specific need.

    Online Courses

    Learn a developmentally appropriate approach to early literacy, and set up your little one for success in school and life.

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    Join thousands of parents who are learning to teach their little ones to read, using step-by-step videos anyone can follow.

    The FRESH Blog

    Support your child's new reading skills with practical how-tos and easy-to-follow troubleshooting tips.

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    Joanna Ruth

    Hi, I'm Joanna! I'm a devoted mother, wife, and educator. My ultimate goal is for quality education to be accessible to everyone around the world.

    With my background as a Montessori teacher and Early Childhood Educator, with a specialty in Autism and Behavioral Science, I've written parenting and children's books to help children learn how to read.

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